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The Legend of CJ the Tiger

Legend has it that years and years ago a small town on the Missouri side of the Missouri/Kansas border was overrun with goofy looking birds that had red heads, blue bodies, and big yellow shoes.  These birds were native of Lawrence,Kansas and possessed little intelligence or purpose.  Fowl to eat, and dumb as post, these birds had become an overall nuisance and were despised by all in Missouri.

One day a Tiger appeared in the tiny Missouri town. He had no name, just a small satchel. This tiger showed everyone a new way to prepare and cook the pesky red and blue birds. He’d take their wings, coat them lightly in flour, and deep fry them to a wonderful golden brown. Everyone was astonished at how tasty the bird’s wings were. At this point the tiger opened his satchel and revealed a few bottles of liquid. He threw some wings in a bowl, covered them in one of the liquids, and shook the bowl vigorously. To the townspeople’s amazement the bird’s wings were even tastier in the tiger’s miraculous sauce. Word quickly spread of the tiger and his cooking methods. Since he had no known name, the townspeople labeled him the Great Chef of Jayhawks (which is apparently what the odd looking birds were called in Kansas). This name was eventually shortened to CJ.

As the popularity of CJ’s wings spread, the population of Jayhawks in Missouri dwindled which made everyone happy. Eventually though, the population ran dry. CJ, being the good Missourian he was, refused to cross the border into Kansas. He decided he must find a wing substitute the would suffice. To CJ’s wonderment, he discovered that these blue and red birds with goofy yellow shoes were nothing more than glorified chickens.

With a great wing recipe and slew of his own signature wing sauces, CJ packed up and headed for Columbia, Missouri, a place he had been told loved tigers. CJ is now gone, but he entrusted his cooking methods and wing sauces to Ty and Ashley Moore. To this day they proudly serve tens of thousands of chicken wings each week. If you pay attention when you enter CJ’s, you’ll notice a tiger cage with a large tiger feasting on a red and blue bird.