CJ's in tiger country | 704 East Broadway | Columbia, MO 65201 | (573) 442-7777 | tues-fri 11-2 (lunch) | tues-fri 4-9 (dinner) | sat 11-7

Our Menu

Get a taste of what’s hot in Tiger Country!

CJ’s offers fresh and flavorful treats to add spice to any gathering. Choose from game-day favorites like fried mushrooms, stadium nachos, fried pickles or a 1/4-pound hamburger. Or step up to the plate with CJ’s famous always-fresh, never-frozen hot wings – with a sauce so secret only 4 people know the recipe! No matter what you choose, CJ’s has something for every fan!

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• Tuesday : Chicken Wrap. Get a fried or grilled chicken wrap with your choice of sauce, chips, and a drink for $5.99

• Wednesday: Boneless Wings!  8 Boneless wings in your favorite sauce with chips and a drink for $6.50

• Thursday: Spicy Chicken Sandwich, served plain or in your favorite sauce, with chips and a drink for $6.49

• Friday: Chicken Strips. Choice of sauce, chips, and a drink for $5.99

Sauce Guide

Our 5 Signature Sauces (all are available for purchase in bottles except Mild)

Butter (Mild) • JUST A BUTTER SAUCE!!! The lightest of all of our sauces. Zero heat and flavor that resembles a melted butter drizzle.

Original (Medium) • Considered by most to be a “traditional” wing sauce, Medium offers a ton of flavor with very little, if any, heat.

Hot • Things pick up a little bit with this sauce. Hot mixes a great flavor with a solid amount of heat. If you don’t normally like hot foods this sauce is probably not for you.

Sweet Heat BBQ • Our newest signature sauce, Hot BBQ contains our original hot sauce along with a wonderful sweet BBQ flavor. Some consider it to be hotter than the Hot sauce and some don’t. You’ll have to decide.

B.Y.F.O. (Burn Your Face Off) • Our trademark sauce and far and away our hottest. This sauce really turns up the heat while maintaining an excellent and enjoyable flavor. The name says it all.

What is B.Y.F.O.?

1. Causing a sensation of great heat, especially to the lips, tongue and/or face, to a degree likely to cause extreme delight, sweating, and massive consumption of cold beverages. ex: Make sure you have a drink handy – these wings are BYFO!

2. Burn. Your. Face. Off.

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Delicious, nuclear, savory, volcanic, flaming, tastetastic, firery, scorching, atomic, flame-a-licious, finger-lickin, sassy, flavorFULL, eye-opening, flavorous-maximus, addictive